Hyperpigmentation removal treatments in London specialist

What is Hyperpigmentation, and how is it treated

Hyperpigmentation occurs in all skin types. Those of Asian, African and Mediterranean origin can get it with greater frequency and severity.

Acne, Ageing, Sun damage, Pregnancy & Eczema are the most common causes.

Only people of a darker skin need to be cautious of what peels they can use as some peels can lead to ‘hot spots’ . This can lead to burns and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) in darker skin types.  


This can be effective in Caucasian skin, but can cause many problems for Asian & Black skin. Adverse reactions can happen for both skin types. This is why we use options that are effective and safe for all skin. 

We at Eclipse skin specialist provide Hyperpigmentation removal treatments in London and acne treatments in London services to treat people from Hyperpigmentation related problems.