Men’s facials and prices

Men’s skin is general more thicker than women’s.  Due to this skin type, we have adapted our treatments, for a best spoke services just for men. 

We know men suffer from skin issues but don’t know where or if they can rectify the problem they see from in grown facial hair, razor bums, hyperpigmentation (dark patches) of skin on your forehead, beard or neck.

These are some of the common issues men deal with, but most of all, men from the African, Asian and Mediterranean skin tones. We are specialist in treating skin of colour. Some of the skin treatments available in the aesthetic industry can have adverse reactions and make the situation worse when treating hyperpigmentation scars from razor bumps or patches.

Your clinical and holistic aestheticism of Eclipse skin specialist is here to help you with these issues either with free advises, solutions or treatment.  Book a treatment today for a fresh tomorrow. 

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